Student Council

This is the Student Council Page where you can find out all about the student council.

Some Facts: 

  • The Student Council changes in February of each year.  The pupils have one year to be members of the council.
  • The Student Council is co-ordinated by Samantha our Deputy Principal.
  • There are members on the council from Senior Infants to Sixth Class.
  • The Council meet each month.
  • The Student Council hosts a fundraiser each year – we have had two cake sales so far!
  • They run the yard games initiative on yard.
  • The Student Council are help others find friends on yard.
  • The Student are involved in policy creation and in giving feedback on important issues in the school. So far the Student Council has been involved in giving feedback on Healthy Eating Policies, School Lunches, School Transport, Schools Jackets and much more.

Our News is updated regularly. Read about our activities by clicking here.