Visual Art can inspire all kinds of emotions. In Carlow Educate Together, we love art and learn about it as much as possible. The following pieces are permanent exhibits in our school. If you are an artist who would like to display any work in our school, please contact us for details.

Hedge School

The Hedge School is an outdoor educational pavilion. AP+E developed the concept and design after winning a competition in which the brief called for an interactive structure suitable for all different age groups in the school. The design consists of a timber framework that accommodates vegetation to produce a stimulating and adventurous learning environment. 

A circle of timber columns defines the space of the pavilion within the school grounds. Inside a sequence of platforms references a classical amphitheatre that at the same time also promotes informal play. The integrated planting creates a unique classroom that combines nature and learning; it is a place where children are exposed to the elements and can begin to understand the principles of ecosystems, climate, seasons, flora and fauna. As part of the learning experience pupils are be able to grow their own food and follow the development of their plants as they progress in school.

Working with a tight budget from the Percentage for Art scheme, the design utilities simple soft- and plywood with steel wires that create minimalist balustrades and an additional growing frame for the plants. Over time, as the plants and creepers grow, the Hedge School will change in appearance and become more feral and sheltered. In this way the evolution and maintenance of the pavilion also becomes part of the pupil’s education.

Sugar Factory Murals

Working with local artist, Jean Robertson, former employees of Greencore and the Sugar Factory worked with pupils to create three fabulous murals depicting different aspects of the link between industry and education.

2015-11-12 15.18.15


Past pupils Kira and Tirza Lakatos designed and made this beautiful painting and presented it to the school as a gift. It is now proudly hung outside Simon’s office, for all to see and to inspire any of the children in the school to work hard and try their very best.