Carlow Educate Together National School was built in 2008 after a successful three-year campaign from a parents’ group.  After starting off in Graiguecullen in an 8 classroom building in the Shamrock Business Park, a new school building was constructed near the site of the old sugar factory. This is a 16 classroom school with 2 integrated classes for children with ASD.

All of our classrooms have been built with plenty of space for each child and have all modern conveniences. Each room has access to fast broadband and an excellent wifi set up.  All furniture has been granted by the Department of Education’s Buildings Section.

IMG_1977The following classes are currently in use:

  • Junior Infants x 2
  • Senior Infants x 2
  • 1st class x2
  • 2nd class
  • 2nd / 3rd class
  • 3rd class
  • 4th class
  • 5th class
  • 6th class
  • 2 Integrated ASD Classes
We are lucky to have an excellent support team who have their own support rooms.

Carlow Educate Together National School opened an integrated class for children with ASD on January 7th, 2009 and a second on 29th August 2013. It is the only one of its kind in the town supported and funded by the Department of Education and the first of its type in Carlow Town. This class can cater for up to 12 children. There are 6 members of staff in the classes this year.

The Special classes provide several teaching methodologies, including TEAACH, to suit the individual child’s needs. Moreover, children are given opportunities to integrate with the mainstream classes. Therefore, children from the classes spend varying degrees of time with their peers and vice versa. It is hoped that, in time, the children will integrate completely and be able to cope well with the average Irish classroom.  Each year, several children have fully integrated into mainstream classes and this has worked really well and they are brilliantly supported. This system has seen huge benefits for all members of the school community and creates an inclusive atmosphere. An added feature for children in the school is the addition of a multi-sensory room, which was fully completed in mid-2010. From September 2017, the school offers Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Flourish Training to aid Neuroplasticity Development and Play Therapy in a private capacity.

You can pre-enrol your child at any time during the school year.  Pre-enrollment does not necessarily guarantee a place in our school as places are limited.  As a child-centred school, we tend to enrol children only at the beginning of each school year. Obviously, there are circumstances where children will require enrollment mid-way through the year, (e.g. moving to Carlow), and these factors will be taken into account.


The school is delighted to be in a position to rent our rooms and we are delighted to have a great relationship with the community in Carlow Town. Our school is used by the following services:

  • Play Together Montessori and After School Care
  • Fusion Fitness, Carlow
  • Polish Language School
  • Carlow Scouting Ireland
  • LOGO Polish Speech and Language Therapy
  • Flourish Tutoring

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