The Staff of Carlow Educate Together National School

  • Principal: Simon Lewis
  • Deputy Principal: Emer Byrden
  • Post HoldersEdu Staff Photo1: Clare Keohane (AP1), Eimear Coady Morrissey (AP2),  Adrian Coffey (AP2)
  • Secretary: Siobhan Moore

Child Protection

  • Designated Liaison Person (DLP): Simon Lewis
  • Deputy DLP: Eimear Coady Morrissey

Teaching Staff

  • Junior Infants: Gillian O’Sullivan and Cliona Barron
  • Senior Infants: Sinéad Milton and Sive Bolton
  • 1st Class: Teresa Farrell and Laura Walsh
  • 2nd Class: Emily Lewis and Clare Keohane
  • 3rd Class: Margaret Sinnott
  • 3rd / 4th Class: Ciara O’Donoghue
  • 4th Class: Sharon Hope-Chatten
  • 5th Class: Cliona Barron
  • 6th Class: Susie Faulkner
  • Junior ASD Class: John Moynihan
  • Senior ASD Class: Gary O’Keeffe
  • Support Team: Róisín O’Keeffe, Eimear Cody Morrissey, Caroline Byrne, Aisling Quinn, Adrian Coffey, Edel Martin, Mark O’Brien, Susanne Keating, Erin Savage, Vicky Cahill, Angela Boran, Emer Byrden
  • School Completion Programme: Marita Brennan
  • Home School Liaison Teacher: Lorraine Dempsey

Special Needs Assistants

  • Bessie O’ Toole
  • Barbara Price
  • Lisa O’ Sullivan
  • Sinéad O’Toole
  • Majella Geoghan
  • Marlene Kelly
  • Michelle Dillon
  • Alaisia Kelly
  • Geraldine McLoughlin
  • Breda Doyle
  • Janet Kenny


  • Ana Leal

Caretaking and Landscaping

  • Solomon Roller

Bus Escorts

  • Shauna Murphy
  • Barbara Price
  • Bessie O’Toole
  • Breda Doyle
  • Janet Kenny

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  • Catherine Styles

    I am Sophie Styles grandmother and I want to complement your school and Sophie for making me aware of single use plastics. Sophie told me about her class’s drive to reuse single use plastics at Easter. Since then I have been collecting and stuffing diet coke bottles with plastic wrappers. Well done. You may know Sophie as Tracy. I am very proud of my grand-daughter. Best wishes. Catherine Styles

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