Carlow Educate Together are part of an Erasmus+ European Project. We are working with schools in Italy, England, Turkey and Poland. The project has its own web site and you can find it here:


You can pre-enrol your child into our school from the comfort of your own home! Due to the full commencement of the Education (Admission to Schools) Act, 2018, Carlow Educate Together National School will not be able to accept enrollment forms from February 1st 2020 for all years except the 2020-21 year. All enrollments made […]

Thank a Staff Member

Sometimes it’s the little things that can brighten up the day.  This is a place where you can say thanks,  express gratitude and give your appreciation to someone in the school.  All messages will be passed on to staff in a subtle way.

Online Absence Note

The National Education Welfare Board (NEWB) are the government body assigned to ensure that children are attending school and their welfare is being met.  Schools must take the attendance each day.  When a child is absent, a school must state the reason to the NEWB.  However, the reason must come in writing from the family. […]