Our annual graduation ceremony took place on Friday where we said a sad farewell to ten wonderful pupils who will go on to secondary school in September. The ceremony, which includes a small piece from each class was great fun and very emotional.

Earlier in the day, the 6th class were presented with a graduation cake and they joined some staff members in the staff room to sample it.

The proceedings started with Emer addressing the 6th class and gave them some lovely advice about growing up. After that, 6th class read a poem they had prepared with their classmates to read to the large crowd of parents and other family members who came to see the ceremony. After that it was the turn of all the classes to perform a short piece. 3rd and 4th class performed one of their songs from the Peace Proms. 5th class performed, “Express Yourself” as a piece of advice for their classmates in 6th class.

The ceremony ended with some presentations from the Parents’ Council, school and classmates. The Parents’ Council printed two professional photographs for the students and 5h class made a frame, signed by all the class to wish their friends well on the next leg of their educational journey. After that, we had the school song as 6th class went upstairs to get their bags. When the song ended, they walked down the stairs for the last time to a rapturous applause. It was hard not to¬† hold back the tears. Goodbye 6th class – we’ll miss you!