The P.E. Curriculum

There are 6 strands in the P.E. curriculum:

  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Games
  • Gymnastics
  • Outdoor and Adventure
  • Aquatics


All strands are covered each year. Aquatics in the swimming pool begins in 1st class.

If you wish to take a look at the curriculum, it can be found on the NCCA website.

Whole School P.E. Plan

  • All students are provided with one hour timetables PE per week, as a minimum.
  • All teachers use the PSSI lesson plans to guide their delivery of the Primary P.E. Curriculum. Each teacher has a copy of them in their classroom.
  • Our school ensures that children with special needs can play a full role in all PE opportunities – all equipment are labelled with both words and pictures.
  • Feedback about progress in Physical Education is included in annual school reports.
  • Our school undertakes a PE equipment audit once a year, disposing of old and broken equipment.
  • Our school has adequate, age appropriate equipment to teach all of the PE strands.
  • Our PE equipment and resources are clearly labelled, well organised and easily accessible.
  • Our school makes maximum use of the PE equipment available to us.

P.E. Policy

Our school’s P.E. policy can be found below:

PE-Plan-2019-final-version (1)


Our PE focus for September and October this year was athletics. All our classes hit the ground running. 


Each class had great fun in January partaking in that month’s strand, gymnastics.

Some photos from 1st and 3rd Class are below.


All our classes participated in the dance strand in March and April. Here is Laura’s 3rd class learning some Irish dancing steps


We got off to a great September with each class focusing on athletics.  Here are some of our 4th and 1st class in action!


Games was our focus strand for November and December. As a school we decided to focus on the skills in Olympic Handball so we could share ideas and resources. Each class loved it so we decided to have a tournament in the new year. 


We started the new year with our gymnastics strand. Each class teacher was emailed ideas and resources so we could hit the ground running. 


Dance is our focus strand for March and April. Every class gained an understanding of traditional dance in March in preparation for Seachtain na Gaeilge. In April we moved our focus to creative dance. Here are some of our classes creating their own routines. 

Outdoor and Adventure

In May we hit the ground running with the outdoor and adventure strand. Below we have a junior infants and 1st class learning the basics of orienteering and Emily’s integrated class practicing their cycling skills.

Water Safety

Our 1st and 2nd classes were taught water safety during the month of May. Here they are with their certificates.