What is the Parents’ Committee

The Parents’ Committee provides an additional voice to the on-going betterment of the non-curricular activities at the school, alongside those of the staff and the student council.  It empowers all parents to offer ideas for improvement for all children in the school and to create a partnership between home and school.

If you’d like to contact the Parents’ Committee about how we can work for you, upcoming events, classes or to volunteer then please do so at the address below.  We’d love to hear from you.

Email: parents@carloweducatetogether.ie

Parents are a huge part of the success of Educate Together schools. In fact, if it weren’t for our parents, our school wouldn’t exist!

We welcome parents into our school to help us out and see all the great work that their children are doing with their teachers.  As well as this, parents help us out with literacy and numeracy projects, such as the ‘Mystery Reader’ in junior and senior infants and ‘Maths for Fun’.  Teachers also give workshops for parents at various times of the year in literacy and numeracy so they can help their children at home.  Parents have also been involved in giving kite-flying lessons, art lessons, drama classes and lots more. If you have a special talent that you’re willing to share, please get in touch.

We love having parents in our school, and each week, we formally invite all families and their friends for a cup of tea or  coffee and a chat on Friday mornings.  This is a great way for parents to get to meet other and make new friends.

Another important side to parental involvement in our school is within the running of the school.  We have an excellent parents’ committee.  This group of parents not only help out with fundraising and awareness campaigns, they have important functions such as policy development and any important decisions made in the school.  The Parents’ Committee aim to organise adult learning courses for parents and their families and find ways to involve parents in the everyday running of the school.

Of course it’s not all policy development and paperwork – parents organise brilliant fun days and fundraisers for the school. Every year we’ve been open our parents have run several amazing events – for example – our Winter Wonderland and Christmas raffle, Halloween/Samhain/Diwali/Eid parties for the children, car boot sale and fashion show, fitness days for the children and they organise and deliver our healthy breakfast during Healthy Eating Week amongst other things.