bkxmasSimon chatted to Kevin and Ben who used to live in America.  He asked them about a normal Christmas day for them and their family in America and what is different about Christmas in Ireland.

There was always proper snow in America.  We had lots of presents and we always had a plastic tree.  After we opened our presents, we would ice-skate or go to a park and play.  Sometimes, we’d just go out in the snow with our friends.  Our last Christmas in America was in Florida but there was very little snow.  But we had a very special present that Christmas, which was our baby sister, Giovanna.  We were very happy at Christmas and we usually went to church on Christmas Eve.

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2 Responses

  1. Kevin And Ben, that was cool guys !
    ok. but remenber….NO SNOW IN FLORIDA GUYS !! not even a little, jiii
    actually was pretty HOT….MM MMM