Although we’re a very new school, Carlow Educate Together is already known for its innovation and its commitment to using tools to support learning in the 21st century.  The one thing that has revolutionised the way we think, the way we live and the way we learn in the last 15 years is the use of technology.

Our school is hooked up to the NCTE School Broadband Scheme and offers fast Internet access to everyone in the school.  The school has been wired so every classroom has access to the Internet and wireless Internet access is also available.

Every classroom is equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard and several computers and laptops to allow children the ability to learn at their own pace.  There is also a variety of visualisers, digital cameras, digital camcorders and floor robots available to support children’s learning.

However, all this technology is useless if it’s not being used well.  All staff of Carlow Educate Together have training available to them on all aspects of learning through technology.  One can see this in use with projects such as video-making, computer programming and stop-animation all going on throughout the year.  Children also get the chance to blog and podcast.

The school is often mentioned in major education conferences, training courses and the media.