Carlow Educate Together is already well known for its inclusiveness, innovation and, most of all, quality education. We're looking for someone who will become part of our growing family. Please visit the Education Posts web site for more information about the position. NOTE: A Job Share position is also available.

Please fill out this form to apply for the position before the closing date: 30th July 2012.

  • Please include dates, course information and qualifications
  • Please include contact details outside of school hours if possible.
  • Notes:

    • A panel of suitable applicants may be set up to fill vacancies which may occur within a four month period from the date of this advertisement.
    • Only qualified teachers will be hired for teaching positions. Please do not apply if you are not qualified as you will not be considered for interview.
    • Any applications made by other means apart from our online application form will not be considered. Postal applications will be shredded.
    • Security is of utmost importance to us. Your application will not be looked at until after the closing date. All applications will be deleted one year after the closing date.
    • Candidates who are called for interview will be called via email. A letter will follow this. You will receive one week's notice of interview via this email.
    • If your application is unsuccessful, you will be notified after interviews have taken place by email.
    • Any questions about the application process can be made via telephone on 059-9179453.