Today in Carlow Educate Together, we buried our time capsule. The time capsule idea came from the Parents’ Council last year when they heard we were moving to our new school building. In order to mark the move, they suggested that we collect items from the children, staff, parents and Board of Management and place them into the time capsule. In twenty years time, we would all meet again and dig the time capsule up.

Over the year, we collected lots of different things. Many parents wrote their children letters. Children drew pictures and wrote down what they think they would be doing in 20 years. We also put in items that we think might be extinct in 20 years such as a digital camera and even a pencil!  Other things included newsletters and newspaper clippings from the last 5 years of the school.

The ceremony took place at 11am with all the children and some parents who came along to share in the event. Here are the photographs of the day.