This week in 3rd class we learned some more about Tom Crean and wrote letters pretending to be him. Did you know Tom Crean left school at the age of 12 to help his family? Only three years older than us!

We listened to Tom Crean- Ice Man and drew timelines of Tom Crean’s life.

We did orienteering in P.E. We loved it and we played really fun games. Gillian put cones in the in the yard with clues underneath and we had to follow the map to find the answers.

We also watched a clip on Penguins in Antarctica, we summarised the clip in groups and presented them back to the class as recordings using the green screen. We got to watch ourselves on the whiteboard in class, which was cool!

We did Chance in maths for example what are the chances of landing on 1 after rolling a dice? Answer 1/6

We experimented to see how fast cars could travel down snowy slopes and drew bar charts to show the results.


We also painted our penguins. Here are some lovely pictures.

photo 1-5 photo 2-5 photo 3-5 photo 4-3

Thats it now from Third Class!

Written by Kiaza, Ellen, Carly, Jacinta, Alex, Jason