australia 2

We have been covering Australia for the last two weeks in class. We looked at the history of the Aboriginal People and created wonderful pieces of art using the Aboriginal technique of dot painting.

The children completed fantastic projects on Australia with loads of input from parents and grandparents alike. One of our grandparents even gave us a copy of a photo they had taken with an Aboriginal person in Australia which created great excitement!

We designed posters attracting tourists from Australia to Ireland and had loads of fun tasting the wonderful strawberry ice-cream we made in science! Simply delicious!

Finally to finish off a very busy week, we Skyped Kaya and his brother in Australia today and asked him loads of questions. Kaya was in the children’s class in Junior Infants so as you can imagine, emotions were at an all time high.┬áHe told us how they are in the height of Summer in Australia and that it is 32 degrees there at the moment. The children loved listening to all the sports he is playing from Lacrosse to Football. A big thank you to Adam and his mom for arranging the call and to Kaya and his family for staying up extra late to speak with us!


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photo 3-6