This week in Senior Infants our theme was Houses and Homes. We learned all about the different types of houses in Ireland and then we looked at the houses that children live in all around the world. We got a glimpse inside a tree house in the Amazon, a mud hut in India and even an Igloo.

Some of the children created their own tree houses in Aistear using recycled materials.

picture 2


We read the story Peepo in history and looking at the pictures the children examined the changes that have taken place in our homes through the years. None of the children had ever seen a double barrelled electric heater and suggested it was everything from a mini television to a shredder! We had great fun during this activity.

picture 3







The children built homes in Aistear with our Jaggo blocks, created the foundations for our homes in our construction area and had wonderful fun in the role play house.


picture 4

picture 6






picture 7










The children also listened to the story “The House That Grew” a story about a man and woman who lived in the forest and lived in a small house and as they had more children their house grew and grew but not as we would expect….. Here are a few pictures of the children creating their wonderfully imaginative homes.

art pic 1 art pic 2 art pic 3