This week in Third Class our topic was Tom Crean. Our writing genre was Recount. We were using it with the story of Tom Crean Ice Man, asking Who, What, Where, When and Why about it. Then we wrote diaries pretending we were Tom Crean.


We learned about Antarctica and all about Penguins. I never knew there were so many types and I did not know that Penguins part eat their food before then feeding it to their babies. We did projects on Tom Crean and I loved listening to the projects they were very good.


We had great fun looking for clues in orienteering and we learned the song Ging Gang Goolie. This is a song that can be sung while travelling.

We also made clay penguins in art.

Division was easy and hard this week but we still enjoyed it. We had lots of fun this week in Third Class.

division 2

division 3

This weeks blog was written by Kiaza, Gabriel, Jason, James, Brian, Alana, Jacinta, Aidan
Well Done All!