Our Tasty testers set our tongues buzzing!

Over the past while we have been discovering all about our 5 senses in our science lessons in class. We talked about our sight, our hearing, our touch, our sense of smell and today we looked at our sense of taste.
We had a map of the tongue and we discussed all the different taste sensors on our tongue – we also tested them out!

We had sweet chocolate and jelly beans, sour lime (yucky!), salty bread sticks and very bitter tonic water which Derek had left go flat over the weekend – just to make it very bitter.
We also looked at a fifth taste sensation – Umami, which is a term for the taste of savoury foods – we had cheesy crisps for this taste!

We all loved the chocolate and jelly beans and didn’t at all like the lime, the salty sticks or the tonic water and funnily enough the jury is still out on the crisps!
What great scientists we have in our class – sure we even managed to get a bit of recycling in by reusing our old halloween plates!