swine-flu With the new school year coming up shortly, a few parents have asked about our school’s policy on Swine Flu.  We have been working with the DES and HSE since July regarding guidelines.  Like every other school in the country, we have been advised to follow the guidance given by the HSE and the Department of Education.  Essentially, unless we’re told otherwise, schools will operate as normal.  However, we will be taking care to ensure your children’s safety so please read the text below as our policy on how we can ensure that the virus does not spread to our school.  Full guidelines are given by the HSE on the following link: http://www.hpsc.ie/hpsc/A-Z/EmergencyPlanning/AvianPandemicInfluenza/SwineInfluenza/EducationalandChildcaresettings/File,3900,en.pdf

Guidelines from the HSE:

Further to this:

We hope that this helps and look forward to seeing you on Monday at 8:50am.  For further information see: