School will begin at 8:50am on 30th August this year. We’re all really excited about starting again for our third year.  Just a few little notices for you to help you settle back in.

  1. Schoolbooks – have all been ordered and will be available on the first day.
  2. All children will finish at 12pm (11am Junior Infants) on the first day.
  3. Junior Infants will finish at 11am for the first week and 12pm for the second week.  After that they will finish at 1:30pm.  Senior Infants will finish at 1:£0pm each day and all other classes finish at 2:30pm.
  4. Please provide a small snack (including a drink) for little break on the first day. All packaging is sent home with children.  On full days children need to bring a small snack for little break and a small lunch for big break.  Each break lasts 10 minutes before the children go outside.
  5. We’re looking for a bit of help on Wednesday, this week.  We need to move furniture into classrooms.  If you’re available at 10am, we’d really appreciate it greatly.
  6. The balance for all schoolbooks is to be paid as soon as possible.  The cost of all books, copies, insurance, photocopying, arts and crafts, etc. is included in this.  If you have paid a €50 deposit, this is subtracted from the bill.  Also, if you wish to pay in installments, please talk to Simon or Siobhán in confidence.
  7. We often update information on our Facebook page so feel free to join us there.
  8. If you’ve any other questions or issues, please have a chat to Simon in the morning.