Sive was away today so Simon decided to teach 1st class and we had lots of fun.

We went on a nature walk and looked for lots of things in nature in our hedge school, the garden and all around the yard. We each collected a sprig of rosemary, a leaf and a piece of wood chip.

2015-10-08 10.07.20

When we got inside, Simon told everyone that they were going to write a story with some of the thing they collected. The piece of wood chip was given eyes and a mouth and arms and legs and we called him Chip. The sprig of rosemary, we called Rosemary! Chip and Rosemary told their stories and there was some great writing done.
2015-10-08 11.33.00
2015-10-08 11.33.16

As we were going out for the Daily K, Simon was changing into his runners, the children noticed his socks! They thought it was really silly that Simon was wearing reindeer socks in October.
2015-10-08 12.54.18

They decided it was time to design a decent pair of socks for Simon, a pair more appropriate for this time of year.
2015-10-08 12.55.21

Later in the day, we looked at the leaf we found earlier and we used three of our senses. We used our eyes to describe what the leaf looked like. We used our hands to feel the leaf and we used our noses to say what it smelled like. We also learned that it’s very important not to taste any leaves or berries from bushes or trees without checking with our families because most leaves and berries can make you sick.
2015-10-08 13.55.54 2015-10-08 13.55.45

Simon had a lovely day with first class and look forward to seeing them again.