In First Steps writing we are learning how to write expositions. Expositions use persuasive language, second class wrote about our school.


Title: C.E.T.N.S is Brilliant

C.E.T.N.S. is an absolutely brilliant school, over average in positives and under average in negatives!

Our school is perfect for pretty much anyone on the globe, every continent and every country.

The teachers do everything right, even though they give you challenges they are amazing junior infants to sixth class.

You may get a lot of homework, getting used to it is fun and projects are fun too.

Every once in a while we have special things like sports day, active week, book fair, friendship week and school tours.

The school is so amazing that I think the teachers should get a raise!

(I agree Jake –  Clare)


Daniel wrote his exposition for tourists who may visit our school and teach us about their country. Daniel’s aunt Paula is coming to visit our school to teach us about Australia!

Title: C.E.T.N.S.

I think you should come to visit our school because I want to learn more about the world. I like kind visitors, if you let us colour, like Caroline from Junior Achievers, you’re welcome here anytime.

I like to learn about other countries. You will meet lots of kind people if you visit 2nd class. You will meet the best teacher in the world. If you are lucky you might see my project.

I want to learn new languages and that’s the reason you should come to our school.



Title: Educate Together
If you just got to Ireland and you’re looking for a school for your child, come down to Carlow Educate Together National School!
In Carlow Educate Together we do after school activities like Typing Ninjas and Sugar Crafts. There is now a new activity starting, one teacher called Aisling will be doing Spanish. Educate Together is one of the best schools in Carlow. Everyone here is kind and helpful. The school motto is Learn Together to Live Together.