IMG_4699We have been working really hard in Junior Infants.  We planted two types of seeds to investigate how plants grow best.  We planted sunflower seeds in soil, put them on the window sill for light and we water them everyday.  They are growing big and strong.

IMG_4693We also planted beans in damp tissue paper.  We had to predict whether they would grow without soil.   After a lot of discussion and thought, we made our predictions.


IMG_0947We waited, and waited and ….. they grew…. even without soil!  We’ve also been visiting and noticing all the changes in Hedge School and the school garden.


SDC13373We were thrilled when Simon chose our class for BeeBot to visit.  Today we investigated how to give BeeBot instructions and how we must work step by step or else he will end up in the wrong place.  We built a short track for him to follow and we directed him through the finish line.