The school will reopen tomorrow at a later time of 10am to ensure that the school is safe. The roads in the estate are still in the same condition so please be very careful if you are driving or walking.

We have made a decent pathway to the entrance of the school, thanks to the great work on Monday from Kevin and the other parents. Please do not drive or park alongside the front gate of the school as it is still very dangerous. Please park in the car park beside Fine Framers as this area has been treated and the pathway starts there.  It is advisable not to park on the “JW Tyres”-side of the school as this area has not been treated.

Please do not come to school if the roads are dangerous.  It is much better for your family to be safe and miss a day or two of school.

All children should wear very warm clothes to school as although our heating is on from 5:30am tomorrow, the building can get cold quickly.  It is advisable to wear a warm coat, hat, gloves and scarf.

In other news, guitar lessons are not going ahead after school tomorrow and the cake sale has been postponed until Monday to allow you extra time to bake! Raffle tickets will go out tomorrow as well as a couple of letters and November’s newsletter.  We will also upload the letters to the web site in the cases of families not being able to make it into school.

So, until tomorrow at 10am, keep warm!