As part of our paper-reducing initiative, this email is being sent instead of a letter. We now have almost everyone’s email and we’ll be communicating with you through this medium.

Over the last three years, we have been able to acquire a large number of books for children to read. This is thanks to fundraising from our book rental, Parents’ Council, Carlow Library and our Annual Book Fair. This year, every class has a large basket of reading books and the school has approximately 20 sets of class novels.

Over the coming weeks, children will be taking home books to read. We ask you to please read with your child and ensure that the books come safely back to school. You may also be asked to sign something to say that your child has read with you.

As we know, books can get lost or damaged and we do have to ask those responsible to reimburse the school. Any lost or damaged books must be replaced.

Reading is one of the most important gifts we can give to children and we’re very exited to be able to offer such a variety of reading material for your children. We will be inviting parents and guardians into school to share in our reading programmes soon so we can all read together. I loveĀ this web site from Dr. Seuss, which gives advice to families about reading.