This year our Read Together programme is running in Adrian’s and Aisling’s classes. Read Together is a 3-week programme where parents come into the school to read with children in their classrooms. It’s only 20 minutes each day and it’s a great opportunity for children and parents to spend time in the classroom, talking about reading and books.

Every Monday and Wednesday from 8:50 until about 9:10am, a group of parents come into the classroom and read a story to a small group of children. We need about 5-6 parents to help out each session so if you have any time to spare, we’d really appreciate it. The children love to see their parents and their friends’ parents in the classroom and enjoy listening to the stories. Please fill in the form below and return it to the school by Wednesday, May 9th. We’ll get back to you to let you know the days that you’re on! We hope as many of you will join in on this fun and worthwhile programme. If you’ve any questions, just ask Simon, Adrian or Aisling.

Read Together will start on 21st May.