Dear parents,

What a fabulous week of weather we’ve been having! I hope you’ve been enjoying the sun and hopefully it will continue into the spring break.

As we end our second full term of school, this has certainly been the most exciting of months in our school’s life.

This month we had the official announcement from the Department of Education that our new school building will commence being built this year and we can expect to move in mid-2012. I spoke with KCLR FM on the day of the announcement and paid tribute to the parents who started this school off in March 2006 by attending a meeting then campaigning relentlessly to get our school open in 2008. Many of them are parents in our school now and it is a proud moment for their vision to be realised.

March also saw the fusion of parents, staff and children working together during Friendship Week and the week of St. Patrick’s Day. It was wonderful to see so much positivity and I think you’ll agree the photographs showing in the foyer are a testament to all involved.

Through the rest of the newsletter we’ll be looking at some of the other projects taking place in the school throughout the month, including our visitors from the UK and Germany.

I wish you all a very happy spring break. If you’re celebrating Easter, I hope you got through Lent ok and are looking forward to munching on chocolate eggs! I look forward to seeing you all again in April.

Until then, keep happy, safe and learning,