3rd, 4th and 5th Class took Maths and Science outdoors recently as they learned about capacity and the life cycle of frogs. Sometimes Maths and Science can be a matter of life or death! As the chlorine that you find in ordinary tap water kills tadpoles, we had to learn how to dechlorinate the water in their new home; by adding exactly 5 millilitres of Aquasafe per 10 litres of water, the water becomes safe for tadpoles to live and breathe in. In total, we added 180 litres of water to the pool and 90 millilitres of Aquasafe.  We must have got the balance right (PHEW!) because some of our tadpoles have now turned into little frogs. We all enjoy watching the tadpoles and frogs change and grow by the day. They’re already looking forward to their early retirement in C’s granny’s pond. Thanks to our mathematic knowledge and scientific skills, we’re sure they’ll do SWIMMINGLY!!