Ciara will be giving a talk on the Jolly Phonics programme on Tuesday, 20th October.  The talk will begin at 1:10 and finish at 1:30pm in Ciara’s classroom.  She will show you how we help children learn the basic sounds in the English language and the progression throughout the year.  The Jolly Phonics programme was developed in the 1980s in the UK proven to be the most successful scheme for teaching children reading.  The programme divides theEnglish language into 42 sounds and children learn these sounds in a particular order to allow them to start reading words as quickly as possible.  For example, the first five letters taught are s, a, t, i, p, which allows words lilke pit, it, sat, at, pat, tap and many more. We look forward to seeing you there.jolly_phonics_sound_poster