Our core value for the month of December is happiness and today was one of the happiest days we have had in second class as Santa Claus came to visit.  He was given a very warm  welcome as the children sang Jingle Bells.  He chatted with the class and he was very generous with his presents.  We are getting very excited about Christmas and we have been counting down the days until Santa visits all our homes.  We hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and we look forward to seeing everyone at the Christmas Concert tomorrow where we will be performing ‘The Reindeer Pokey’!  Here are some pictures of second class dancing to ‘Happy’ and also some pictures from Santa’s visit today.  Happy Christmas everyone!


IMG_2946 IMG_2938 IMG_2935 IMG_2934 IMG_2933 IMG_2931 IMG_2925 IMG_2918 IMG_2917 IMG_2916 IMG_2915 IMG_2914