Carlow Educate Together will be reopening for all children at 8:50am on Monday, 30th August 2010.   For those of you who wish to enrol your child in our school, please fill out our pre-enrolment form by clicking on this link or you can leave a message on our phone (059-9179453).

For those of you new to the school, you might be wondering where your school book list is.  Don’t worry – we supply you with all your books so you don’t need to join the queues.  You can then pay us when the year starts.  You should have received a welcome pack for our school at this stage.  If not, we will be sending our next batch of welcome packs in mid-July.  If you haven’t received your welcome pack after 20th July (and you enrolled before the 12th July), please wait until 25th August and we’ll send you one out then.

So, what’s the plan for the new school year?  The first day of school is n exciting and special day for all families.  For new Junior Infants, it is a whole new world and they will be excited (and perhaps a little nervous!).  Parents are more than welcome to come in to the classroom for the first 20 minutes to take photographs, etc.  We have found that children settle down very quickly in the classroom so from about 9am, all parents and families are welcome to join us in the staff/parents room for a cup of coffee.  Let us take over from there!  We can assure you that we’ll look after your child and you can meet all the other parents who are sharing in this special day.

In fact it is a special day for all our parents, children and staff.  Every year brings new excitement as our children grow up.  Parents should feel free to visit their child’s new classroom and meet their new teacher.  For your information, the room numbers for classes are:

On the first week, Junior Infants will finish at 11am to help them settle in.  All other classes end at 12pm on the first day.  After that Senior Infants will finish at 1:30pm and the rest of the school at 2:30pm.

We’ll be posting up more information over the summer so please keep an eye on the web site or become a fan of our Facebook page (  You can leave a message on 087-3128166 or 059-9179453.  However, the quickest way to get in touch is through email ( or through Facebook.

Talk to you later!