Hi everyone

Simon here. I’m just back from the school to see what sort of conditions we’re heading back to in the morning.  Please ensure that you read the following messages to ensure your safety in the morning.

The main roads in Carlow Town seem to be in good condition right now.  The Shamrock Business Park estate is in reasonably good condition although you should drive very slowly and carefully as these is some black ice on the roads.  The pathways are not in great condition so perhaps try to avoid walking to school if possible.

snowschool1The small road leading into our school gate is covered in snow and ice.  We would ask that cars park in the car parks rather than at the front of the school gates as it is quite dangerous.  The photograph on the left was taken at 5pm and it doesn’t look like this road will clear by tomorrow morning.  We will try to create a pathway across the road in the morning for safer access to the school.  Any help will be appreciated so if anyone has a shovel, please come down to the school at 8am and we can work together to clear some of the ice.  We have also stocked up on salt and grit.  The entrance to the school and the pathways have been treated and should be fine in the morning.  However the yard is covered in snow so children will not be going outside to play until this melts or is shovelled away.