Yesterday we collected all of the rubbish produced in school at the end of the day.

Today we weighed it and found out that we produced 39.2kg of waste in one day!

green schools rubbish weighing (Medium)







This year we are going for our first Green Schools Flag, the theme is litter and waste.

Our first target is to reduce the amount of rubbish we produce.

The Green Schools Committee have come up with a waste management plan to help us with this target.

Starting from today all across the school we will be following the rules below when disposing of our waste.

green-recycling-symbol (Medium)

1.Paper and plastic in the recycle bin

2.Suitable food into the compst bin – no bread or meat.

3.Lunch rubbish goes back to Bradburys – cardboard inserts can be kept and reused for art.

4.Children take their own lunch rubbish home with them.

5.All other rubbish in the main bin.


In a few weeks the Committee will collect and weigh the non-recyclable rubbish we are disposing of each day. We hope to see a great decrease in the amount of non-recyclable rubbish being produced by our school.

Keep an eye on the Green Schools noticeboard to see how we are doing.