This week saw the start of Golden Rules Champion. This is an initiative to encourage peer recognition of positive behaviour. Children from all classes can nominate a peer for Golden Rules Champion. Each teacher has nomination forms. When a child sees another child (a peer) keeping a Golden Rule she or he can nominate that child. The nomination form must be signed by the person who is nominating a peer. The nomination form goes into the special Golden Rules Champion post box in the hall. Each week a name is picked from the Golden Rules Champion box.  The winner receives a prize and his or her picture is displayed for everyone to see. The person who nominated the winner also receives a small prize to thank him or her for taking the time to put another child forward for a prize.

Peer recognition is widely seen as one of the best motivating factors for positive behaviour. While it is a fantastic achievement

to be picked by your teacher for Star of the Week, there is something extra special about being chosen by your own peer group. In CETNS we want to give children an opportunity to both praise and be praised by their peers.

This week we are delighted to announce that Orla, in Aisling’s class, is our first ever Golden Rules Champion. Well done Orla! Zoe nominated Orla and it was lovely to see how delighted she was that Orla won a prize.  Thank you also to all of the teachers for their support and help in  running this intiative.
At our next assembly Orla will pick the new Golden Rules Champion.  Remember you can nominate more than one person each week. Keep those nominations coming in. !