Eww Goo!
In senior Infants we like nothing more than getting our hands dirty, so this week has been lots of fun. As part of our First Steps procedural writing class Aisling and Josh demonstrated how to make some sticky goo. We paid close attention to what ingredients were needed and the correct order to add them in. Then we each got to put our hands in it….eww goo!! Finally we drew pictures of the steps in order and wrote some great sentences.

Winter Trees
We have been lucky enough to have Dave working with us for the last few weeks. We have been learning loads with him. This week he brought in lots of twigs and branches that were blown off trees during the stormy weather. We learned about why trees lose their leaves in winter and then we used the twigs and branches to print our own winter trees. It was messy but lots of fun and we made some beautiful prints. Thanks Dave.