Séamus did a fantastic project about his travels Down Under. He told the other classes all about what it was like in Australia, the places he had been and the things he had done there. He told us all about the infamous convict, Ned Kelly, how Irish people emigrated to Australia during the Great Famine and how if children missed school or misbehaved, they used to be sentenced to years in awful industrial schools. He told us about his cousin’s huge school and how everyone had to wear a hat and sunscreen before they went outside. He described fishing, swimming, cricket and his delicious barbequed Christmas dinner. A massive amount of work went into this brilliant project and it’s jam-packed with research and pictures. It’s on the table under the ‘Green Schools’ display right now so be sure to take a look at it if you can. Please be gentle with his project though as I’m sure he will want to keep it for years to come to remember his amazing holiday. Well done, Séamus!