Yesterday three members of the Educate Together Head Office came down to Carlow to take part in workshops as part of our ethos evaluation. All members of the school were part of the evaluation – parents, children, Board of Management and staff.

On Thursday night, Molly met with our Board of Management to evaluate their role in the school.  Below is a photograph of the parents’ session.  We were absolutely delighted that we had such a great attendance with 25 parents working with Amy.


While Molly got to grips with the staff in their sessions, Fionnuala took on the children for two great sessions.  Below is a photo of Fionnuala going through the Learn Together posters with Ciara and Eimear’s classes.


Results of the evaluation will be published on our web site soon.  Overall, the day was really beneficial and we’d recommend it to any Educate Together school.  We all got a chance to be honest with each other and have lots of interesting things to focus on in our future.  Thanks to Molly, Fionnuala and Amy for coming for the evaluation.