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You and your child(ren)* are invited to a free chess presentation on Thursday, October 4th from 1:30pm. We have had a number of children signing up to chess classes and we would love for you to see the coach in action before deciding to sign up.

We are privileged to have the session led by the acclaimed Irish junior team Head Coach, Darko Polimac, who has trained some of Ireland’s top young chess players since 2003 and is based in Kilkenny.

This is a wonderful opportunity to see how chess is taught to young people and after the session, if you are interested in your child(ren) getting involved in the game, we have the opportunity to get Darko to coach in our school as an after school club.

* This session is for all children and their families in all classes, (Junior Infants to 6th Class).  Children in senior classes can attend with a family member and will be allowed out of class during the session.