My name is Sorcha and I am in 4th class.Yesterday I started to read a book callled No Goodbye, by Marita Conlon McKenna.

The story takes place in modern Ireland. The 4 main characters were Greg who is 14, Lucy who is 12, Conor who is 10 and Grace who is 6. The book is about the Dolphin family and when Mum goes away to London for a trial separation from Dad. The family are very upset when this happens, especially the 2 youngest children.

Greg is not happy because since he is the oldest in the family he has to take over the responsibility of picking up Grace when Gran is not around. Lucy takes over the cooking and cleaning responsibilities. Conor is really un-happy when Mum goes, and sees it as Dad’s fault. Grace does not really get what is happening around her and everyday when she comes home she races around the house to see if Mum is home.

My favourite chaacter is Lucy,because I think she likes cooking like I do. She is kind and caring and when Grace will not do what Dad says she takes over. Four exciting words to describe the book are probably “Scary, Exciting, Sad and Happy”.

I like the book because it kind of gives you a grasp on what other families might  be going through. I mean who knows, mabye your best friend could be going through this and you might not know it!

This book is just right for me to read,but it does get a bit confusing.

I am going to give this book a 4 and a half star rating because it does get a bit confusing.

By Sorcha, Rang 4.