3rd, 4th and 5th Class had a blast on their tour to Castlecomer. After a snack, our helpful tour guide, Mary, showed us some amazing sand sculptures. The sand has to be kept wet so the sculptures don’t crumble.

The “Footprints in Coal” exhibition was really interesting. The figures of the miners and animals from prehistoric times were life-sized and they looked very realistic; they looked a bit creepy when they lit up in the dark! Because there was more oxygen in the atmosphere, the insects were gigantic in prehistoric times. We learned about the tough jobs the miners had. Working in a mine was very bad for their health. We crawled through a tunnel that was like the entrance to a mine. Have a look at us posing to look like miners in the photographs!

We had great fun catching insects in the river. Some of us even saw fish. When we were finished, we identified the insects by matching them to their pictures on a chart. Thank goodness none of them were as big as the ones that were around in prehistoric times!

After lunch, we bought souvenirs and ice-cream at the shop. We went for a walk as we ate our ice-cream. We saw deer and llamas in the animal enclosure. Some of the does had little fawns by their sides. They were really cute!

To top off a great day, we had great fun playing in the awesome playground.