This week we had a very special visitor for assembly. Father John Dunphy from St. Clare’s Church in Graiguecullen came to the school to talk to the children about Communion and Confirmation. 12 boys and girls celebrated their sacraments last week so Father Dunphy explained how Catholic children choose to make their Communion and Conformation. Father Dunphy explained that Christians get their name because they are followers of Jesus and explained what they believe about the Communion bread.

The children were able to ask questions and there were some excellent ones about St. Clare’s Church. Liam asked Father Dunphy to tell the story about how dogs got their name. Father Dunphy told a lovely story about the spelling of the world dog and why this is.

In the coming weeks we will have visits from other members of other faiths. After mid term break, we will have a visit from Frances, who is a Jehovah’s Witness. If you know of anyone from any faith who you think would like to talk to the children, please get in touch in the office.