Today’s assembly was led by Erin and we got to test out our brand new microphones and speakers thanks to our parents who fundraised so well for them.

2015-11-06 11.01.15

Everyone was really excited as there was lots of news at assembly. We were delighted to congratulate Zoe on her success in the Gl├│r na Cheathearlach coloyring competition and to Sophie for getting picked to perform on the Late Late Toy Show. Here is a video of Sophie in action.

The first bit of big news was our daily k update. We’re going to try and run to Lapland by the winter break. It’s just over 3,900km so everyday we’ll be running closer to our destination.
2015-11-06 11.05.41

Simon spoke to the children about Manga High. We are currently 113th in the British Isles and we want to break into the top 100 next week. We need you all to get playing every night!
2015-11-06 11.22.54

We were thrilled with our Golden Book winner.
2015-11-06 11.13.04

..and our Golden Rules Champions.
2015-11-06 11.23.50

We also celebrated our Students of the Week.
2015-11-06 11.21.39