Today’s assembly was the last one before mid-term break as next week will be our fantastic Autumn party. It was also Simon’s last assembly for a while as our teachers will take over each week to give assembly. We all learned a new Irish song for Halloween called Oiche Shamhna. Here are the lyrics if you want to sing it with your child to the tune of Freres Jacques:

Oíche Shamhna, Oíche Shamhna
Báirín breac, báirín breac
Úlla ‘s cnónna, úlla ‘s cnónna
Is maith liom iad, is maith liom iad.


Our Golden Book had loads of names in it this week with our children doing all sorts of kind things like being patient and helping their friends. We drew the name of one child out of our hat and the child below was entered in twice this week for being very kind to his friend who was sick and for being very patient.


Our Golden Rules Champions were from Adrian’s class again this week! Well done to the two boys for their great behaviour.



It was great to hear so many people keeping the Golden Rules again and congratulations to this week’s Students of the Week