Here are some pictures of what we have been up to this month.

We were very lucky to have some some guest speakers in during the past week to talk about 1916. Nadine’s Dad visited the classroom last Monday and gave the class lots of information on 1916. He showed the children a jacket that was worn by his relative and talked to the children about his relative’s involvement in 1916. The children were amazed that it was a hundred years old and how well it was kept over the years. Some children even got to try on the jacket.

On Friday Michael talked to the class on 1916. He showed the class lots of interesting materials. The children had great fun trying on costumes and looking at the different guns Michael brought with him. After the talk the children got to ask questions.

The class enjoy going to the library on Fridays.

The class were learning about Picasso and did some great art work making faces using shapes and lines and experimenting with lots of different colours.