Second class had a busy but fun week this week! On Wednesday, we were very lucky to receive a visit from Maya and Pawel. Maya and Pawel are scientists and also parents in the school. We got the chance to look through a microscope with Maya and also watch science in action with the experiments Pawel organised. On Thursday, we went on a maths trail. This was our first time to complete a maths trail outside the school grounds and we really enjoyed it. Thanks to 3rd and 4th class for coming along to help. We would also like to say Thank You to the parents council for organising the Easter Egg Hunt this morning. Here are some pictures of our week. Enjoy the break!IMG_2146[1]IMG_2153[1]IMG_2154[1]IMG_2148[1]IMG_2150[1]IMG_2127[1]IMG_2132[1]IMG_2138[1]IMG_2139[1]