During February we have been concentrating on our expressions in Drama.  Here are some photos of us showing different emotions.  See if you can guess which emotion we are showing in each picture!

In Art we have been inspired by Picasso to create our asymmetrical faces.  It’s nice to have Sinéad helping us in our Art class.

Second Class has been learning all about subtraction. We know we can also use the words minus and take away when we are talking about subtraction.

One cold, bright Spring day we went outside to use a giant number line in the yard to practice.

We have worked hard this term and we are all looking forward to our mid-term break.  Next term we are lucky to have Theresa in our class again.  We are going to be concentrating on our handwriting and working on our own writing projects.  Enjoy the break, everyone.  Get those hands ready for all the great writing ahead!