Aisling had very positive experience while on job shadow in Colegio Monaita in Granada, Spain. The objective of the trip was to observe the teaching methodologies used in Spain and also to improve fluency in Spanish.  The Spanish education system is quite different.  Aisling was placed in a private Catholic school  which runs from 9am till 4.30pm.  All the staff and pupils were very welcoming. It was very interesting to observe how the Spanish pupils learn English from a young age.  Also, in primary school they have different teachers for each subject.  It is similar to the secondary school model in Ireland.  They have a specific teacher for music, maths, English and Sports.  They children in Spain are fortunate because they have an outdoor swimming pool.  This pool is used during the month of June.  Another significant difference is that the Spanish children eat a meal at midday.  It is served in the canteen.

Aisling also had the opportunity to discover the Spanish Culture.  She went to visit the L’Alhambra.  It is a beautiful palace.  The Cathedral was also impressive.

The pupils of 4th, 5th and 6th classes are having a Spanish ‘Fiesta’ (party) today.  They learnt Spanish this year.  Aisling enjoyed teaching them Spanish.