A Scientist and Engineer.

Today a research scientist and engineer named David came to our class to demonstrate to us. One was a car that ran on water,the other was a static electicity machine.

Some problems with cars: polluting the earth,fuels are polluting,oil spills and expensive fuels.

The  nasty fumes that come out of the exhaust pipe are bad for the environment.

The oil for cars comes from under the earth.

There is lots of factories that make petrol and diesel, but sometimes the oil spills into the water and we have an oil spill.Most of the time, the birds get caught in the spill and they get oil on there wings so they can not fly and sometimes they die.

Newer designs:Electric cars use a lot of electricty.

Hydrogen cars use fuel cells.

There are Hydrogen cars in America that were used for testing.They would cost about $500,000 just to build! Imagine how much it would cost to buy!

By Sorcha,Rang 3 and Zoe RANG 4.














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